OSBCU Bargaining Update #17

OSBCU 2022 Bargaining Update #17

Local leaders and organizers from CUPE School Board locals met this weekend to reconfirm the commitment to fight for decent wages, increased services for students and schools and the respect that is so clearly lacking in the response from the Ontario Government to our reasonable, affordable and necessary proposals to improve working and learning conditions in Ontario’s publicly funded schools.

A unanimous vote was passed endorsing the OSBCU bargaining team’s recommendation to call for a strike vote. It is clear from workers across the country that our fight to ensure publicly funded, publicly delivered services for students, schools and communities must move forward.

A strike vote is not a guarantee that workers will go on strike. The move to a strike vote should be a signal to the Ford government and to school boards across the province that the status quo and concessions are not what our students, our schools or workers deserve. 

As workers, your power is key to gaining your demands. We will be launching our “Why Vote Yes Campaign” tomorrow evening. During this meeting we will also be providing a timeline for strike vote and the process regarding the electronic strike votes.

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